Who am I?

My name is Tioga Gulon, I have 34 years and currently living in Nancy.

I'm passionate since I'm young by astronomy and generaly all about the earth sciences.

I started to interessed by meteors and fireballs in January 2004, seeing, on Internet, a movie from spanish video maker, attending a procession, which record a fireball passing just at this moment in the Leon's sky. Thanks to this video and many observing report,it was be possible to deduct are origin, destination and find the meteorite Villalbeto de la Pena.

After much research on the topic and creating an internet site, I discovered that there were "all-sky" station networks for the study of meteors, particularly in Germany, the Netherlands and Czech Republic but apparently not in France. I thought it's a formidable network and I decide to build a station, lost in the middle of France, hoping that interweave link with other ....

I did a large part of the draft "bolide" article on wikipedia. (If there are any error or if you want to supplement it please ;-)