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TLE: Sprites (2010-09-07)

Second series of TLE, more far as first. The very bright star below is Jupiter is like how the sky was really clear

7 sept 2010 Video 7 sept 2010 Video 7 sept 2010 Video

TLE: Sprites (03-07-2010)

My first TLE! ^ ^ Or Transient Luminous Events

These event have actually been discovered in the late 90s. They are uabove the storms, which spread into the upper atmosphere

I invite you to visit the Marco Chaligny website on TLE.

3 Juillet 2010 Video 3 Juillet 2010 Video

Monitoring Condition: clear skies, a beginning of distant lightning 50 minutes before the first Sprite. Then 15 minutes after the second series of flashes and increased activity of the storm.

3 Juillet 2010

A Weasel???

This is my strangest record!

As you can see on the picture my camera is in a chimney,5 meters high and not very accessible :D

5 Septembre 2009 Video


Clouds "sheep"

6 Aout 2009 Video


6 Aout 2009 Video


15 Juillet 2009 Video


And so almost zenith!

I have just a part of his passage because I set UFOCapture option that avoids the record of objects too slow (like dozens of planes that pass every night ...). But I was fortunate that a small meteor comes at the same time!

27 juin 2009 Video

With heavens-above website I could known it was the ISS. It predicts the brightest satellites passages in one location.

27 juin 2009


20 Mai 2009 Video


It's not a parasite noise and it is not like a "classic" lightning. If you have an idea welcome ;-)

7 mars 2009 Video

Lone Lightning

In early March 2009, the first lightning of year, it was the only one in the evening...

9 mars 2009 Video

Thank to Marco (who has a weather station and radar Lightning), I could have the lightning strike this night. At the same time impacts have been recorded in the North East according to the direction of this lightning.

Carte Blitzortung 3-9-2009 1h05

Iridium Flare

18 Mai 2009 Video 10 Octobre 2008 Video

One day at Cerilly

Accelerated movie during May 12, 2008 evening for detection tests. I like the bee wich comes like a starlette. ^^

12 Mai 2008 Video


On the dome! .... Tit! That was before I put my scarecrows ;-)

23 Avril 2008 Video



18 Avril 2009 Video


Guess what he said ;-)

16 Aout 2009 Video

The maintenance guy

Before he falls down :-))

16 Aout 2009 Video